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Well now.  
10:17pm 05/07/2005
jennifer michelle
The Fiocco's just left and i am so sad. We bond so much when they are here. I miss them so much. I couldnt help but fall for john while he was here. he is such a nice guy and is just so awesome. we were ride partners and we held hands on the roller coasters and had a great time. all of the kids minus my two sisters went to celebration station one night and played miniature golf. the last night they were here we pulled an all nighter and had fun. john and i made it to 4:30 this morning. we cuddled and gosh i miss him so much. well, i am going to watch hide and seek with steph and zack. i need a new best friend. i am hurt. fuck them. assholes.
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It's not everyday a York County Sheriff pulls up to your house..  
04:23pm 06/06/2005
jennifer michelle
Well, a lot of things have been happening. Steph, Kindra, and I went to Max's party the other night. That was fun. The next day i worked out on the hot dog truck from 11-7..well, i got off at like 6:05..but it was hotttt out!! Then we went out to Olive Garden. It was all right. Some people were in bad moods and all that shit but i refused to let that bother me. Then some people came back to my house and just hung out for a bit.

Then i went to the pool the next day with Zack's sister, Alexandra, and his dad. I got extremely burnt and it is..wonderful. Heh..lol. Then i was late to work because i didn't know that i was scheduled. I looked at the wrong schedule by accident. First time in 11 months. Not too shabby!! lol. Then i went and looked for Boogeyman after work because i reaaalllyyy want to see it. But two video stores were out..and the other closed at 9. So i went home and Zack forced me to go see a movie with him, Keith, and some bitch. We saw Cinderella Man. It was sooo good. But Zack kept hitting me and flicking me and just ahh i had SUNBURN!! lol. Then we got home around 1:30. Zack and i were trying to find something to eat when my freaking doorbell rang. Zack looked out the window and there was a York County Sheriff parked in front of my house. WTF!?!? He opens the door and there is Dylan. He was wearing socks..Carrying a banana and a cup of water. He locked himself out of his house..his dad is deaf so he couldnt hear him knocking. Plus, he forgot his cell phone. So he came in a spent the night. That was the biggest scare ever. lol.

Then today i met Adam at Books A Million at 11:00. We talked and stuff until almost 1:00. Then Zack and i ran errands. I played with baby Morgan and came home and got my medicine. Went to Harris Teeter. Yesss.

Tonight.. dinner with Zack's family i think.

Good bye. Have a great day! :)

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07:34pm 02/06/2005
jennifer michelle
Wow, things have been amazingly awesome between us girls. I went and saw House of Wax last night with Corbo and some other people. I am going to miss him so unbelievably much.

I cried a lot today.

Alyssa just told me something that made me sad.

I fucking love liars.

I'm done.
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Everything's Changing  
10:15pm 29/05/2005
jennifer michelle
Well, i had my birthday. I got some really cool presents and then i graduated. It was a great weekend. Then Steph, Kindra, and i went to Margaret's party and then went to the park. I wish i could go to the park everyday. Then i wasn't allowed to sleepover Steph's house and so i went to Zack's sister's dance recital. Then Zack came over for a while.

I hate having a curfew. My other friends have a curfew of like 12:00 or they don't have one at all. I think it sucks and i feel that i'm going to miss out on so much this summer, like i have this past weekend. It makes me mad that my parents are so strict, but it makes me ever more mad when i know that i will never ask to change these things, in fear of punishment. It makes me hate everything and become extremely jealous of everyone else. idk. i just thought that turning 18 and being a good child would gain me more privileges.

I worked for about 7 hours today. Kill me, please. Tonight was Greg's surprise party. I had so much fun. Dressing up in ninja costumes and having water fights and being 5 again was extremely fun. I am definitely going to miss all of this next year.

And idk i guess i'm PMSing but lately i just feel like totally crappy about myself. My friends are beautiful and i feel like i'm the ugly one. i hate this feeling but it just upsets me when i see that marya has dated like so many guys and all of my guy friends have told me that each of my girl friends are hott and they ask me to set them up with them. idk i have just had really low self confidence lately and it really makes me sad when people just tell me to move on. i dont like him anymore. i just dont want to be another fuck and chuck to anyone again. it hurts so bad and i just know that i cant emotionally put up with another relationship. i just want to enjoy summer, i just wish i could have all the time in the world. but i will just look forward to college..just about 3 months away.

sorry for the bitching.

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It's only you, beautiful  
10:59pm 22/05/2005
jennifer michelle
Wow, things are going so good right now. I can’t remember a time that I have been better. Here are some reasons why:

Kindra’s recital was last night. Lyndsey and I went and saw it. It was a beautiful performance. She is so amazing and I just loved it. I got chills.


I’ve been hanging out with Steph like everyday and it is just sooo awesome.

I freaked out a gay guy at my work..very fun.

I found out that TWINSTER is coming the 4th of July weekend. I cannot wait to see him! This means..late night sleepovers and ahhhh I’m just so ecstatic.

Steph and I washed cars today, and that just made Krusty look beautiful. We got all of her hot stains out. lol.

My birthday is in 5 days. Graduation is in 6 days.

I am going to Florida from June 11th through the 18th. I am going to become super tan..aka..superburnt lol. Then I will hopefully be going to New Jersey to see everyone!


Anyways..you Jersey kids better come here this summer. I’m not even kidding. I have a more lenient job now, so there are no excuses. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer.

On my 18th birthday..i am going to:
Buy cigarettes just because I can.
Buy a lottery ticket.
Go to the bank and figure out all that shiazz.
Molest a minor…watch out youngins.

Okay, well I suppose I’m done now. I love all of you.
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I love you girls so much.  
02:46pm 18/05/2005
jennifer michelle
So today was my last day of school. I cried when i said good-bye to Coach Blackman. It was nice to cry about something else for a change. I will not cry anymore over the other thing. It was an experience that i have to take and learn how to carry on considering the mistakes i made. I will become a stronger person after all of this. So Margaret, Kindra, Steph, and Lisa all made me feel so much better. This summer should kickass. Steph and i are hoping to go on a roadtrip. I need a trip to New Jersey. It's almost been six months. I miss everyone so much. I love everyone and i am so happy that i have all of these people in my life. Thanks everyone..i love you.

So Steph asks me if i want to do something rebellious when i turn 18? We both want to get our noses pierced..but my mom said no. She said just my second hole. I guess i'll have to live with that. I am excited. I will also go clubbing without telling her! Ha..i am badass!

Well i watched White Noise last night..so good.

I exempted all of my exams..flippin amazing!

I really feel that my friendships are developing more and more and that makes me so happy. When things happen you realize who your true friends really are. I love it. I feel that Kindra and i have become so close that sometimes it scares me. We tell each other everything and i know that i can rely on her for anything.

Steph..she is just amazing. I never thought that i would develop a friendship this strong at the end of my senior year. I love that girl so much, and we are like the same person. I love her so much. She amazes me each and everyday.

Margaret is breathtaking. We have become so close lately it is insane. I love her so much and i cannot wait until her, kindra, and i live it up next year with cocky!

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This is me being retarded  
02:02am 14/05/2005
jennifer michelle
Yea, so i know i complain a lot, but here i go again. My friends are prettier than I am. They are drop dead gorgeous. And when it comes to guys, i'm more of a friend or a "sister." Like tonight, my friends are hanging out here and i found myself lying on the floor until i almost cried just because i am so jealous.

That is why when i fall in love, i fall in love hard. It means a lot to me when someone tells me they care about me or pay the slightest bit attention to me. So when Matt told me i was beautiful all of the time, i believed it. I am a fucking idiot. Tonight when Zack called he said something that really offended me. I tried to play it off, but i cannot help but get upset.

When we dated i just remember all the compliments he would tell my friends..or say about them. Then, i remember what he said to me. Reminding me of my acne, my small boobs, my flat ass, my rolly belly how my other friends look so pretty in their clothes. Just fuck it all.

I'll put more in later..bed time. Good night.
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Things you'll never know..  
09:01pm 12/05/2005
jennifer michelle

Well, i know that my medicine is screwed up. And that makes me upset as hell. I feel like i've been betrayed by some people..and that really hurts. Sleepover tomorrow? Alyssa and i are all better now.

Cape May.

I've been super upset lately. I'm sick of it. It gets old. Sorry for being annoying everyone. Bleh.

I think i need a trip to New Jersey. I think i may actually have a crush on some people. Or maybe i will force myself to become a nun.

Any plans for this summer that anyone has..road trip? I'm thinking that's a definite.

I am loving my friends so much. The girls have all helped me through so much lately..Kindra, Steph, and Margaret. There is never a dull moment. I love you girls so much.


ive tried so fuckin hard, but i can't fit your mold

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Who knows the true meaning of love?  
11:40am 07/05/2005
jennifer michelle

Well, yesterday Steph and i went and washed cars. $3 at Circle K with gas being $1.99. We got free icees. And we got free stuff from kiss 95.1. Then Steph and i picked up Zack and went to vacuum my car. Then we went to CVS. Steph didn't feel good..so we just went to Blockbuster and then back to my house. We rented Drumline. Steph left early. Drumline was amazing. I took Zack home around 11:00 and then i couldn't sleep. So i jumped online and took quizzes and shit. I feel so freaking ugly and fat. Like i feel like nobody will ever want to be with me again. I don't feel like i deserve to get treated right. Why would anyone not want to cheat on me.

Anyways.. i work today from 3-7:30. then i have to do one of my two projects that are due on Monday. Only 5 more days left of school. It's amazing. I cannot wait to get out of here. USC sounds better and better each and everyday.

Some people have been irritating me. They ask me what's wrong, but they do not understand that i just do not want to talk about what is bothering me. I just wish they would quit bugging me and quit telling me i'm a horrible friend when what they did themselves was wrong. I don't even want to be friends with these people anymore. I don't need the stress that they bring to me. They obviously didnt have a problem hurting me before..but you think they would stop to the point where i tell them i dont want to talk about it..if i think about it i will cry..gahhh just pure immaturity.

italianchica617: thats SO fucked up
italianchica617: omg i have to come down there
yankeeI3elle: haha yea!
yankeeI3elle: u defffff. have to!!
italianchica617: and lecture the girls of south carolina
yankeeI3elle: haha yess!!
italianchica617: and tell them the unwritten rules of sisterhood in friendships
italianchica617: omg thats sooooo annoying
italianchica617: are they retarded

I miss that girl. Theresa, come down here and show them how it's done.

I just feel like i've lost respect for entirely too many people. I've been hurt by too many people in the past couple of months. It's ridiculous. All right..well i'm done complaining.

i still love most of ya's..thanks for everything girls!

italianchica617: im gonna get a long stick and a white cloth with red polka dots and put deodorant in there and a bottle of water 5 packs of gum and begin my journey
italianchica617: to sc
yankeeI3elle: haha yess

You are simply amazing sweetheart. I love you so much.

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I won't call you baby anymore  
03:10pm 01/05/2005
jennifer michelle
Wow, so this weekend was freaking amazing. I went to hang out at Andrew's house on Friday night ((this guy Steph's kind of talking to right now)) and i slept there. It helped me get my mind off of the fact that Matt cheated on me. So then on Saturday it was a night out with the girls. I really had a great time..then when Matt tailgated Kindra and almost drove her off the road, my mom told me how she was going to call his mom. I got upset to the point where we just had to go home. I ended up having a horrible night and i threw up. Kindra ended up spending the night and then today we went back to her house. Then i came home and had a family talk..and now i am going to go nap until i work at 6. Fucking asshole. I'm so sick of this shit.
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