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Well now.  
10:17pm 05/07/2005
jennifer michelle
The Fiocco's just left and i am so sad. We bond so much when they are here. I miss them so much. I couldnt help but fall for john while he was here. he is such a nice guy and is just so awesome. we were ride partners and we held hands on the roller coasters and had a great time. all of the kids minus my two sisters went to celebration station one night and played miniature golf. the last night they were here we pulled an all nighter and had fun. john and i made it to 4:30 this morning. we cuddled and gosh i miss him so much. well, i am going to watch hide and seek with steph and zack. i need a new best friend. i am hurt. fuck them. assholes.
mood: bitchybitchy
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