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Who knows the true meaning of love?  
11:40am 07/05/2005
jennifer michelle

Well, yesterday Steph and i went and washed cars. $3 at Circle K with gas being $1.99. We got free icees. And we got free stuff from kiss 95.1. Then Steph and i picked up Zack and went to vacuum my car. Then we went to CVS. Steph didn't feel good..so we just went to Blockbuster and then back to my house. We rented Drumline. Steph left early. Drumline was amazing. I took Zack home around 11:00 and then i couldn't sleep. So i jumped online and took quizzes and shit. I feel so freaking ugly and fat. Like i feel like nobody will ever want to be with me again. I don't feel like i deserve to get treated right. Why would anyone not want to cheat on me.

Anyways.. i work today from 3-7:30. then i have to do one of my two projects that are due on Monday. Only 5 more days left of school. It's amazing. I cannot wait to get out of here. USC sounds better and better each and everyday.

Some people have been irritating me. They ask me what's wrong, but they do not understand that i just do not want to talk about what is bothering me. I just wish they would quit bugging me and quit telling me i'm a horrible friend when what they did themselves was wrong. I don't even want to be friends with these people anymore. I don't need the stress that they bring to me. They obviously didnt have a problem hurting me before..but you think they would stop to the point where i tell them i dont want to talk about it..if i think about it i will cry..gahhh just pure immaturity.

italianchica617: thats SO fucked up
italianchica617: omg i have to come down there
yankeeI3elle: haha yea!
yankeeI3elle: u defffff. have to!!
italianchica617: and lecture the girls of south carolina
yankeeI3elle: haha yess!!
italianchica617: and tell them the unwritten rules of sisterhood in friendships
italianchica617: omg thats sooooo annoying
italianchica617: are they retarded

I miss that girl. Theresa, come down here and show them how it's done.

I just feel like i've lost respect for entirely too many people. I've been hurt by too many people in the past couple of months. It's ridiculous. All right..well i'm done complaining.

i still love most of ya's..thanks for everything girls!

italianchica617: im gonna get a long stick and a white cloth with red polka dots and put deodorant in there and a bottle of water 5 packs of gum and begin my journey
italianchica617: to sc
yankeeI3elle: haha yess

You are simply amazing sweetheart. I love you so much.

mood: uglyugly
music: B-A-N-A-N-A-S
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08:17pm 08/05/2005 (UTC)
if your 'friends' hurt you before and they don't know how they hurt you, the only reason they're asking is to find out what they've done wrong... maybe they think its the wrongful ending of a friendship, and the only way to not make them hate you is just to give them some closure... i don't see how that's immaturity.... you should be mature enough yourself to suck it up and let someone know when you think they've done something wrong, rather than wallow in the pain you feel... you'll never get anywhere in life if you keep everything to yourself, the most you'll get out of that is people who once loved you now hating you... and i don't see how that could be better than talking about a problem....
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