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I love you girls so much.  
02:46pm 18/05/2005
jennifer michelle
So today was my last day of school. I cried when i said good-bye to Coach Blackman. It was nice to cry about something else for a change. I will not cry anymore over the other thing. It was an experience that i have to take and learn how to carry on considering the mistakes i made. I will become a stronger person after all of this. So Margaret, Kindra, Steph, and Lisa all made me feel so much better. This summer should kickass. Steph and i are hoping to go on a roadtrip. I need a trip to New Jersey. It's almost been six months. I miss everyone so much. I love everyone and i am so happy that i have all of these people in my life. Thanks everyone..i love you.

So Steph asks me if i want to do something rebellious when i turn 18? We both want to get our noses pierced..but my mom said no. She said just my second hole. I guess i'll have to live with that. I am excited. I will also go clubbing without telling her! Ha..i am badass!

Well i watched White Noise last night..so good.

I exempted all of my exams..flippin amazing!

I really feel that my friendships are developing more and more and that makes me so happy. When things happen you realize who your true friends really are. I love it. I feel that Kindra and i have become so close that sometimes it scares me. We tell each other everything and i know that i can rely on her for anything.

Steph..she is just amazing. I never thought that i would develop a friendship this strong at the end of my senior year. I love that girl so much, and we are like the same person. I love her so much. She amazes me each and everyday.

Margaret is breathtaking. We have become so close lately it is insane. I love her so much and i cannot wait until her, kindra, and i live it up next year with cocky!

mood: lovedloved
music: Avril babyyy!!
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07:10pm 18/05/2005 (UTC)
Yeah, like when I fart.

That's hot.
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