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Everything's Changing  
10:15pm 29/05/2005
jennifer michelle
Well, i had my birthday. I got some really cool presents and then i graduated. It was a great weekend. Then Steph, Kindra, and i went to Margaret's party and then went to the park. I wish i could go to the park everyday. Then i wasn't allowed to sleepover Steph's house and so i went to Zack's sister's dance recital. Then Zack came over for a while.

I hate having a curfew. My other friends have a curfew of like 12:00 or they don't have one at all. I think it sucks and i feel that i'm going to miss out on so much this summer, like i have this past weekend. It makes me mad that my parents are so strict, but it makes me ever more mad when i know that i will never ask to change these things, in fear of punishment. It makes me hate everything and become extremely jealous of everyone else. idk. i just thought that turning 18 and being a good child would gain me more privileges.

I worked for about 7 hours today. Kill me, please. Tonight was Greg's surprise party. I had so much fun. Dressing up in ninja costumes and having water fights and being 5 again was extremely fun. I am definitely going to miss all of this next year.

And idk i guess i'm PMSing but lately i just feel like totally crappy about myself. My friends are beautiful and i feel like i'm the ugly one. i hate this feeling but it just upsets me when i see that marya has dated like so many guys and all of my guy friends have told me that each of my girl friends are hott and they ask me to set them up with them. idk i have just had really low self confidence lately and it really makes me sad when people just tell me to move on. i dont like him anymore. i just dont want to be another fuck and chuck to anyone again. it hurts so bad and i just know that i cant emotionally put up with another relationship. i just want to enjoy summer, i just wish i could have all the time in the world. but i will just look forward to college..just about 3 months away.

sorry for the bitching.

mood: depresseddepressed
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