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It's not everyday a York County Sheriff pulls up to your house..  
04:23pm 06/06/2005
jennifer michelle
Well, a lot of things have been happening. Steph, Kindra, and I went to Max's party the other night. That was fun. The next day i worked out on the hot dog truck from 11-7..well, i got off at like 6:05..but it was hotttt out!! Then we went out to Olive Garden. It was all right. Some people were in bad moods and all that shit but i refused to let that bother me. Then some people came back to my house and just hung out for a bit.

Then i went to the pool the next day with Zack's sister, Alexandra, and his dad. I got extremely burnt and it is..wonderful. Heh..lol. Then i was late to work because i didn't know that i was scheduled. I looked at the wrong schedule by accident. First time in 11 months. Not too shabby!! lol. Then i went and looked for Boogeyman after work because i reaaalllyyy want to see it. But two video stores were out..and the other closed at 9. So i went home and Zack forced me to go see a movie with him, Keith, and some bitch. We saw Cinderella Man. It was sooo good. But Zack kept hitting me and flicking me and just ahh i had SUNBURN!! lol. Then we got home around 1:30. Zack and i were trying to find something to eat when my freaking doorbell rang. Zack looked out the window and there was a York County Sheriff parked in front of my house. WTF!?!? He opens the door and there is Dylan. He was wearing socks..Carrying a banana and a cup of water. He locked himself out of his house..his dad is deaf so he couldnt hear him knocking. Plus, he forgot his cell phone. So he came in a spent the night. That was the biggest scare ever. lol.

Then today i met Adam at Books A Million at 11:00. We talked and stuff until almost 1:00. Then Zack and i ran errands. I played with baby Morgan and came home and got my medicine. Went to Harris Teeter. Yesss.

Tonight.. dinner with Zack's family i think.

Good bye. Have a great day! :)

mood: Faking a good moodFaking a good mood
music: Collide..<3
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